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Knowledge that mechanical designers should know

Time:2020-03-04 Views:280
These days, I‘m almost always dealing with mechanical drawings, and the biggest workload is the mechanical aspects. In the design process, I feel more and more that when I design a machine, I feel that it will be more and more smooth. Regardless of the equipment required for a new product, I can basically get a preliminary design concept immediately in my hands. This is also inseparable from the control and related experience that I have done for so long.
Some things may not be understood by general mechanical designers.
1. Stepper motor and servo motor
General mechanical designers may think that as long as the more precise machines, servos are used instead of stepping motors. Think that the servo motor is better than the stepper motor.
In fact, based on my experience in designing for so many years, this is not necessarily correct. Because general machinery is controlled by PLC. If the servo motor is controlled by the PLC body pulse, the servo motor at this time is far inferior to the stepper motor. Those who are familiar with servo motors know that the real function of servo is closed-loop control. When the servo motor does not need to be controlled in positioning mode, the encoder cannot produce a closed-loop function. It also gives an angle to a pulse. At this time, the accuracy is not as accurate as the stepper motor. The current stepping motor has reached the accuracy of 60K pulse revolution, and the price is much cheaper than the servo, the torque is larger, and the use is much simpler.
2. Rotating cylinder
Rotating cylinders are used in many places, and they are mostly used in machines that need to be turned over or rotated at an angle. Nowadays, most of the rotary cylinders are SMC and Airtac. The price of a rotary cylinder of SMC is unacceptable for ordinary machines. It costs more than 2,000, and even more than 5, 6,000. If the price is reported to the customer, this thing alone can make you lose the opportunity to bid.
My experience is that where conditions permit, use motors as much as possible. Stepper motors are the best substitute. Stepper motors are inexpensive and have high precision. Generally, a stepping motor is a little more than 300, and it can be installed as a simple mechanical part.
Three, you should know more about the functions of some sensors
In the mechanical design, consider what kind of sensor to install. What kind of switch should be used in order to meet the design requirements, and the position should be reserved.
Four, you don’t have to draw 3D pictures
3D is used to make plans for customers, not to see them for themselves. It‘s better to make a two-dimensional drawing by yourself. Almost all the 3D drawings I have seen make mistakes. A little error in the 3D parts cannot be clearly reflected, but the two-dimensional drawing is clear. My 3D drawing feels good about myself, except to do it when I report the plan to others, my own design drawing is basically not in 3D. Two-dimensional graphs are also faster to make.