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Lichuan Exhibition VIIF2023 Vietnam

Time:2023-10-27 Views:54

In October 2023, Shenzhen Xin Lichuan Electric Co.,Ltd  attended the VIIF2023 exhibition in Vietnam. Vietnam International Industrial Fair(VIIF) is one of the well-known and important brand exhibitions in Vietnam and even Southeast Asia, attracting customers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Lichuan Motor Company, as a well-known manufacturer and supplier of stepper and servo products in China, exhibited series of new products independently developed by the company at this exhibition, such as new AC servo motor driver, stepper motors, BUS(RS485/CANopen/EtherCAT) type multi-axis driver, etc.

After 15 years of market and usage verification by our customers, our AC servo motors and stepper motors have attracted many customers. Lichuan sincerely invite you to be our global distributor and partner in the world. If you are interested in our company, please contact us.