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Ball Screw Motor

Nema8/11/14/17/23 Lead Balll Screw Motor Series 20mm~57mm Available

Lichuan Nema8/Nema11/Nema14/Nema17/Nema23 Lead Screw Motor Series 20mm~57mm motor flange available.

We have Trapezoidal lead screw motor and ball lead screw motor are optional. We have own factory accept your customize demand.

    Lichuan Lead Screw Motor Series Application:
    Lichuan Trapezoidal lead screw series motor are suitable for light weight, speed requirements are not high applications.
    At the same time, the trapezoidal lead screw, because the accuracy is lower, is often more suitable for applications with low accuracy requirements, such as slow transfer, handling and so on.
    Lichuan Ball screws motor with low heat and high precision are usually suitable for applications requiring smooth movement, high efficiency, high precision, and long-term continuous or high-speed movement, such as semiconductor equipment.

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