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2 Phase closed loop stepper motor series

Nema23/24/34 2-Axis Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver CNC Kit

Product specification
◆ Model: LCDA257-2A
◆ Supports two-axis independent external pulse input control and synchronous pulse input control
◆ Voltage input range: 24~50 VDC
◆ Maximum current: 5.6A
◆ Subdivision/speed range: 800~51200ppr
◆ Signal input: differential/single-ended, pulse/directional or dual pulse
◆ It has protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss and excessive position deviation.
◆ Impulse response frequency: 200KHz
◆ Parameter configuration can be performed through the serial port
    LCDA257-2A driver is a digital stepper driver with one drive and two-axis control developed using the latest generation 32-bit DSP chip. It can cover stepper motors with 57, 60 and 86 bases; the driver supports two-axis independent and Two control modes: two-axis synchronous pulse, can control two-axis stepper motors individually or synchronously for precise positioning control. This driver integrates two stepping axes into one, which not only saves installation space and costs for customers, but also can drive two machines in one and be suitable for gantry mechanisms to improve customers‘ synchronization control accuracy. Convenient wiring and debugging also improves the flexibility of on-site applications. and convenience.

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