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2 Phase open loop stepper motor series

Nema23/24 2-Axis Open Loop Stepper Motor Driver Kit

Product specification
◆ Model: MC556-2A
◆ Supporting two control modes, i.e. external pulse and IO spontaneous pulse control modes
◆ Voltage input range: 24~50 VDC
◆ Max. current: 5.6A
◆ Subdivision/velocity range: 1000~12800ppr/60~540r/min
◆ Signal input: differential/single-ended, pulse/direction or dual-pulse
◆ Pulse response frequency: 200KHz
◆ Supporting parameter configuration setting through serial port
    Lichuan 2-Axis CNC Stepper Motor Driver Kit For Nema23 Nema24 Hybrid Stepper Motor

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