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2 Phase closed loop servo stepper driver series

2 phase stepper driver CL3-E57H with EtherCAT bus communication

CL3-E57H bus stepping driver is a digital stepping driver that uses advanced digital stepping motor algorithms and EtherCAT bus communication protocol. This product complies with the CIA402 standard motion control specification. Compared with the traditional pulse-type driver, it has real-time bus communication, convenient wiring, lower costs, and can effectively improve work efficiency. The advanced digital stepping motor algorithm can effectively suppress the temperature rise of the motor. Reduce motor vibration. This bus-type driver is adapted to traditional size 57/60 stepper motor, which is convenient to replace the traditional pulse-type stepper driver program upgrade.  

    Communication specifications


    Communication specifications

    Physical layer


    Communication connector

    RJ45 × 2(Input:CN6A;Output:CN6B)

    Network Architecture


    Transmission rate

    2 x 100 Mbps(Full duplex)

    Data frame length

    Maximum 1484 bytes

    Application layer protocol

    CoE:CANopen over EtherCAT

    Sync mode

    DC (SYNC0)

    (Free Run)

    Communication object

    SDO:Aperiodic Data Object 

    PDO:Periodic Data Object

    EMCY:Emergency items

    Application layer specifications

    CiA402 Drive Profile

    Supported control modes

    Profile Position Mode(PP)

    Profile Velocity Mode(PV)

    Homing Mode(HM)

    Cycle Synchronized Position Mode(CSP)


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